Is Tapentadol available in the USA?

Painkillers are a widely prevalent medicine recognized by doctors and patients around the world. They allow doctors to help relieve and patients to relieve themselves of any moderate to chronic aches and pain. However, there is an ever-lasting contention concerning painkillers that bother different countries around the world. Some painkillers do not get the recognized license from concerned countries for sale. Thus, that medicine never makes its way into the market.

Among the long list of painkillers, Tapentadol is a trusted and recognized one that claimed its spot among doctors as a reliable pain-relieving drug. Tapentadol is an analgesic opioid that acts centrally in a patient’s body to provide relief against moderate and chronic aches.

Numerous people doubted whether Tapentadol is available in the USA. For all such people, the United States of America allowed the use of Tapentadol under the name of Nucynta ER. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowed the use of this oral analgesic two times a day for treating moderate to chronic pain.

A Little More About TapendolIn the USA

The schedule II of the controlled substances act finds the mention of Tapendol capsules. Nucynta ER is an extended-release form of Tapentadol that represents the commitment made by Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Development Research and Janssen Pharmaceutical company. They jointly committed to innovative products to help doctors treat pain and patients to manage the same.

The FDA adjudicated its approval for the drug on 20th November 2008 for treating the above-mentioned ailments. They mentioned that the drug should be available in 50mg, 57mg, and 100mgs for adults above the age of eighteen years. Later its availability extended to 150mg, 200mg, and 250mg strengths, with the option of consuming twice a day.

Side Effects Of Tapentadol

Now that you know about the availability of Tapentadol, it is necessary to know about its side effects before you start consuming it.

  • People suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, sleep apnea, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, myxedema, sleep depression, etc, should be cautious while consuming this drug. Uncontrolled use of such a medicine can aggravate such problems and cause serious respiratory issues owing to their aggravated ability to retain carbon dioxide.
  • Do not consume Tapendol if you take alcohol, sedative, or other intoxicating substances. Consuming them together can cause serious side effects like respiratory issues and breathing problems, depression, coma, and even death.
  • Overdose and excessive use of Tapentadol can affect the reflexes of a person. A person might end up losing their ability to perform crucial tasks like operating a machine or driving. In such a scenario the person can end up causing a massive accident that might risk his life.
  • Patients with seizures should take utmost care while consuming this drug. Take this medicine only when the doctor advises you about it and its dosages.
  • Do not stop taking or buy Tapentadol 100mg online abruptly as it might cause side effects such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, seizures, diarrhea, respiratory issues, etc.

Thus, you must understand how careful you should be while consuming such a medicine. The drug is available in the USA, but don’t consume it without a doctor’s advice.

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